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Summer Parking

Michigan State University

Welcome Sports Camps 2017!

Whether you are attending MSU Sports Camps to learn new skills or celebrating the accomplishments of a family member, the MSU Parking Office wants your experience to run as smoothly as possible. Since parking is the first thing you’ll do when you arrive on campus, we encourage you to use the Sports Camps 2017 information below to help in preparing your visit.

Generally, all parking requires payment or a permit to park. This summer, parking during camps will include several complimentary lots due to the extent of campus improvements and resulting construction.

When planning your arrival, keep in mind that parking is shared by the campus community. Factoring extra time into your plan is suggested.

Every-so-often there may be a designated special event that will affect general parking (e.g. June 15-17, 2017, July 25-26, 2017). If special event parking personnel are posted, a cash fee will be required at the lot entrance to park.

Should you have parking questions, feel free to contact us:
MSU Parking Office
1120 Red Cedar Road
East Lansing MI 48824
Hours: 730 am – 445 pm (M-F, except University holidays or if otherwise posted)
Phone: (517) 355-8440

Complimentary Parking

We will be providing complimentary (free) parking at some locations this summer due to ongoing construction and campus improvements.

Corresponding lot numbers and locations may be viewed at

CAMPERS w/vehicles (daily & overnight):
Dates in effect: June 11, 2017 – July 30, 2017

  • Lot 83 (off Service Road, near Harrison Road – signed 83 at lot entrance)
  • Lot 89 (Farm Lane at Mount Hope Road) – signed 89 at lot entrance)

Camp Visitors (daily only, no overnight)
Dates in effect: June 11, 2017 – July 30, 2017

  • Ramp 7 (parking structure off Harrison Road near Shaw Lane)

Pay Parking

If you are seeking daily or temporary parking, there are several options for pay parking as described below. Parking is not allowed between 2am – 6am in these areas. If you are a camper with a vehicle, use Lot 83 or 89 as described under Complimentary Parking.

Corresponding lot numbers and locations may be viewed at


Pay-at-exit lots are gated and staffed by an attendant. Parking is 90 cents per 1/2-hour or portion thereof. When entering the lot, you’ll take a ticket from the dispenser. When exiting, you’ll provide the ticket along with cash payment to the attendant. Please note: Credit cards are not accepted in these locations.

These lots are in operation 7am-10pm Monday through Friday. They are complimentary on Saturdays and Sundays. Parking is prohibited between 2am-6am every day.

Pay-at-exit lots nearest facilities:

  • Lot 62W (directly north of IM West )
  • Lot 79 (South of Spartan Stadium, access off Shaw Lane)
    *** Lot 79 will be closed for the summer, beginning June 19, 2017, due to construction ***

Parking meters

There are several meters posted at residence halls and in various areas on campus. They are for temporary use and generally limited to a maximum of one hour. Parking payment is required immediately upon parking. Meters accept U.S. coin (nickel, dime, quarter) or credit card and are $1.80 per hour. When using a credit card, a minimum of one hour will be charged.

Residence hall meters require payment 7 am – midnight every day. Hours of operation are provided at each meter. Parking is prohibited 2am-6am at all meters on campus every day.


There are a few pay-by-plate lots located on campus. When using a pay-by-plate lot, payment to park is required immediately upon parking your vehicle using the kiosks located at the parking area. Along with payment, you will need to enter your license plate number and the amount of time you will be parked into the kiosk. Payment options include U.S. cash, coin, and credit card. The rate is 90 cents for 30 minutes and a maximum of eight (8) hours may be purchased at one time. Please note that when using coin or cash, change is not provided.

These lots are in operation Monday through Friday and times vary by location, be sure to check the signage at the lot. These lots are complimentary on Saturdays and Sundays. Parking is prohibited between 2am-6am every day.

Pay-by-plate lots nearest facilities:

  • Lot 39: Payment required 7am-10pm, Monday – Friday (entrance off South Shaw Lane and located near the International Center)
  • Ramp 5: Payment required 7am-6pm, Monday-Friday (Trowbridge Road at Red Cedar Road with entrances off both roads). Pay-by-plate spaces are specifically signed within the lot.


Permit Parking

A majority of lots on campus require a valid parking permit. You’ll notice signs at lot entrances with general parking requirements and restrictions.

You may purchase a daily parking permit, valid from 6:00am to midnight, which allows you to park in lots signed as reserved for those with employee permits. Be aware that the permits are not valid in spaces within the lot that are designated otherwise (e.g. lease space, University vehicle space or disability space), at meters, pay-by-plate spaces or pay-at-exit lots.

Corresponding lot numbers and locations may be viewed at

Permit parking lots near camp residence and Jenison Fieldhouse (corresponding lot numbers are signed at lot entrances):
Due to improvements, Lot 63E near the Breslin Center will not be available.

  • Lot 67 (near Jenison Fieldhouse)
  • Lot 70 (west of Wonders Hall across Birch Road)
  • Lot 71(next to Wonders Hall)
  • Lot 72 (next to Case Hall)
  • Lot 73 (next to Wilson Hall)
  • Lot 74 (next to Holden Hall)

These permits are available to order online from the MSU Parking Office. Permits are valid for one (1) calendar day between 6 AM-midnight, are $8.00 each, and are non-refundable. Make sure to order at least two weeks in advance to allow mail time.


Please Note

Parking enforcement is in effect. Vehicles illegally parked (e.g. in a space requiring a permit, parking on hash marks, in a University vehicle or lease space, outside a space, along a curb, in the grass, obstructing traffic, in a drive lane, in a space requiring a valid disability placard or plate) are subject to enforcement. Should you have a parking question, contact the MSU Parking Office at 517-355-8440.